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Canadian Grand Prix Highlights 2014

08th July 14

What a race!

Well after the first half of the race things seemed to be taking the predictable Mercedes 1-2 that we’ve seen all the way through the season so far. With Rosberg leading from pole and Hamilton tailing the German it seemed like the race really began when both of their KERS systems failed, leaving them both wanting on the straight and suddenly, the tailing cars of Massa, Ricciardo, Perez and Vettel found a target to aim for.

Just as lap times started to fall Hamilton retired due to a brake failure meaning that all the podium places were all to play for. As the closing laps appeared Massa was leading the Williams team’s best chance of a victory since 2012 by catching Rosberg over 2 seconds a lap but after a late pit stop he dropped to 5th with the hope that fresh tires could take him to the top step of the podium.

As the last 10 laps closed the fight for first place was between five cars: Rosberg, Ricciardo, Perez, Vettel and Massa. After a beautifully constructed overtake by Ricciardo over Rosberg to take first the rest of the action for the afternoon was the battle for third place.

Overtaking Perez to take third, Vettel’s maneuver was but moments before a controversial attempt at an overtake by Massa to keep in touch with the Red Bull. Trying to pass down the inside of Perez where, there may or may not have been room, the result led to Massa slamming into the back of Perez taking them both out of the race.

From hearin, Ricciardo cruised home under the flashing lights of the safety car to his first ever Formula One victory and a step in the right direction for Red Bull with both of their drivers stepping onto the podium.

With technical issues and crashes clearing up the pointy end of the top ten, Jenson Button claimed 4th place for McLaren, 5th went to Alonso’s Ferrari, 6th place was held by Bottas to claim some consolidation points for Williams, Toro Rosso’s Vergne took 8th, Magnussen took another top ten for McLaren in 9th and Raikkonen rounded out the top ten in his Ferrari.

Next up is Austria where Perez has been given a five-place grid penalty for the crash that took place (we’ll let you decide whose fault it was: and hopefully some more technical faults can be found to make another, most interesting and enjoyable Sunday afternoon!

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