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How Did Formula 1 Drivers Earn Their Seat

09th April 14

Ever wondered how Formula 1 stars get from being a normal person like you and me, to a globe trotting, international superstar driving cars in speeds of excess of 200mph? Well that makes two of us!

Of course the normal route is to race smaller cars and build up to the big ones. For example Ayrton Senna and Jenson Button are just two big names to have passed through the Formula Ford championship, Michael Schumacher and David Coulthard travelled through Formula 3 and Kimi Räikönen, Felipe Massa and Lewis Hamilton started their claim to fame in Formula Renault.

From these lower divisions drivers will try to climb the ranks and likely try to enter GP2, formally know as Formula 3000, which is the penultimate step to the most revered racing championship in the world, Formula 1. Both the current Mercedes drivers; Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, passed through GP2 before being picked up by Mclaren and Williams respectively.

Sometimes drivers will simply be picked up by a Formula 1 team early on and skip these stages; Kimi Räikönen is a perfect example who jumped straight from a Formula Renault 2.0L to a Sauber F1 car!

Showing itself to be a revered feeder class to watch, Formula Renault is split into three championships; Formula Renault 3.5L, 2.0L and 1.6L to cater from novices straight from karting, to established and successful drivers making their presence known to the motorsport industry. One ‘quirk’ that the series provides is that the series gives the opportunity for the best drivers of the 2.0L championship (and sometimes the 1.6L under special circumstances) the chance to race the 3.5L cars at the Paul Ricard race track to show off their potential.

Tatuus Formula Renault 2.0L for sale

Not only is this the very same car that competes in the established and (now at least) well known Formula Renault 2.0L championship, it also has a chassis made by the same company who produce chassis for Formula Toyota, Formula Challenge Japan and Formula Master to name but a few – Tatuus. With their chassis being used for and in so many different classes, more than half of the current Formula 1 drivers have spent time driving and developing their race craft from the cockpit of a machine wearing a smart Tatuus suit.

This particular single seater race car for sale is almost brand new. Being able to boast 0-100mph in 4.85 seconds and 125-0mph in 4.6 seconds the Tatuus Formula Renault appears to be the most successful single seater available when looking at their sales figures (1000 sold in 10 years). From the 2009 Formula 1 line-up, 11 of the 25 drivers had raced one of these cars to get where they are today.

So if you fancy following in the footsteps of Lewis Hamilton this is a great place to start, you’ll even get to do some of the aforementioned globe trotting to collect it!

View the Tatuus for sale here

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