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Ginetta Racing: Motorsport Great Since 1978

11th April 14

When you think of countries that are renowned for their position in the motorsport world you would likely to be drawn to sunny Italy, home of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Pagani to name a few; France, the home of the 24 Hours Le Mans; or even the USA, home of NASCAR and IndyCar. Great Britain’s hills, fields and the large amount of rain isn’t likely to have been one of your first choices then?

In actual fact Britain is home to many race car manufacturers like Lotus, Ariel, Aston Martin, Mini and McLaren who have won numerous championships in all kinds of classifications, from Formula One to WRC. Another of our many manufacturers is Ginetta. Currently based just outside Leeds, the Suffolk born company has been making race cars since 1978.

Starting off as a company that made kit cars for Ford components, Ginetta now manufacture their own, award winning, cars like their most successful machine, the G50 GT4. In 2010 they also bought the sport car manufacturer Farbio, and between them created the Ginetta F400.

Ginetta G40J for sale

Whilst making some of the fastest cars to enter into the BTCC they also provide an affordable opening into the world of motorsport for young, budding racers. The Ginetta Junior Championship lets aspiring drivers aged between 14 and 17 compete in the one marquee championship in a Ginetta G40J. With a 1.8l sealed engine and FIA approved roll-cage and fibreglass shell built around the tubular steel chassis, the G40J and Ginetta Junior Championship make for a very easy and simple first package to break into the world of motorsport.

Whilst racing in circuits around the UK, racers will also get plenty of opportunity to be picked up by talent scouts as all of the races are covered and shown by ITV, giving you a very viable way of getting into most variants of the sport like Formula One and Le Mans 24 Hours. This particular G40J is no exception to these. Being an unmodified model you would have no problem taking this very neat car into next years championship to prove your skill and talent to the world.

View the Ginetta G40 Junior for sale

Ginetta G55 GT3 for sale

If you’ve passed through the doors and have taken up racing as a sole profession, then maybe something bigger than a junior championship is in order for you. Whether you want to join the Ginetta GT Supercup or the more prestigious British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) this stunning G55 can make a huge impact on any GT3 race with its 4.35l V8, producing 550bhp!

As a base model this G55 would already be the most powerful Ginetta made to date so with its modifications, huge spares package and a bit of talent, any driver with enough capital to fund a car of this calibre could make themselves a name and a half in any championship.

View the Ginetta G55 Gt3 for sale

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