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Malaysia Grand Prix 2014: Formula 1 Catch Up

09th April 14

Well after the Australian Grand Prix two weeks ago, if you were in any doubts as to whether Mercedes was the manufacturer to come off better from the many rule changes – you won’t be now. With Hamilton on top and Rosberg just behind giving Mercedes a 1-2, only Vettel, Alonso and Kvyat managed a top ten finish in something other than a Mercedes powered car.

Making this the second race in a row with Vettel not on the top step of the podium and only managing third place ahead of Alonso, Hulkenberg and Button, this season’s rules have prove themselves to be a huge game changer and have really shook things up, for better or for worse?

With Williams also managing not one, but two top ten finishes for both of their drivers Massa and Botas, taking 7th and 8th place home respectively, it seems that their team are on the rise too. Finishing less than half a second apart and with some trash talking over the radio it’ll be very interesting to see how the rivalry between the two will affect the team.

With such superb performances from rising stars Ricciardo and Magnussen who managed to shake up last race’s podium; a pit lane dilemma and an early contact with Raikkönën respectively saw the new kids on the block further down the rostrum than expected.

With the Bahrain Grand Prix coming up this weekend, can Mercedes continue their winning streak or does Red Bull and Ferrari have something up their sleeve? You’ll just have to wait to find out

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