Aston Martin Race Cars for Sale

An iconic and highly desirable brand, renowned world wide for their precision engineering feats and the ability to manufacture some of the globes most aesthetically pleasing road legal Supercars. Popular models include everything from the Modern day ‘DB9’, to the old school classic ‘DB5’, as featured in the latest edition of the ‘James Bond collection’ and Blockbuster sensation, Skyfall. Aston Martin has an enviable reputation and product portfolio; ranging from the (dare we call it), entry-level baby of the group V8 ‘Vantage’, to the midrange 6.0 V12 ‘Volante’, all the way to the cream of the crop, the Aston Martin ‘Vanquish’. Throw in a Hypercar or two, such as the next gen ‘Zagato’, and pride of the fleet (with a seven figure price tag we might add) ‘One-77’ and you are talking an automotive brand that means serious business, which any petrol head wants a piece of. However, where the true beauty lies (in our admittedly biased opinion here at ERC) is in the race tuned ‘DBS’ as featured in the DTM World championship series. Few cars leave you utterly speechless, endlessly admiring their beautiful curves and snarling front end, but this is certainly one. Check out our range of Aston Martin cars for sale below and buy your piece of history today.