Audi Race Cars for Sale

‘Vorsprung Durch Technik’, (‘progress through technology’ to me and you), is quite possibly thee most recognisable tag line of any Car Company worldwide; three words which when whispered instantly send a spine tingling feeling down any and every petrol head. The mere company logo of the four iconic interlocking rings are resemblant of the Olympics, mirroring the company’s values in producing robust and mechanically superior pieces of automotive art that strive to be the best. Often looked upon as pioneers of the market, Audi has long lead the way in fine-tuning the balance between ruthless performance and robust engineering, capable of breaking boundaries. With models occupying the forefront of almost every market sector and a ‘Quattro’ range boasting a state-of-the-art four wheel drive system, it is little wonder Audi’s are so desirable. But here at ERC, if you’re not talking race cars, we’re not interested. With race tuned adaptations of the punchy ‘S3’, the beast that is the ‘RS5’, to the range topping simply scintillating v10 Audi ‘R8’ competing in the DTM world series, Audi is very much a part of racing’s DNA and therefore an ERC favourite. Check out our range of Audi cars for sale below and buy your piece of history today.