Ferrari Race Cars for Sale

Steeped in Italian heritage and a true Supercar lovers brand, you will struggle to find a man, woman or child who does not aspire to own a piece of the Ferrari legacy at some point in their life. Leading the way in a number of racing championships across the globe, Ferrari has an enviable ability to attract the attention of the rich and famous at the mere mention of the brands name. Due to their intricate designs and revolutionary models designed for both the road and most importantly the racetrack, this brand has it all. With global superstars such as Fernando Alonso, and the former 7-time world champion Michael Schumacher representing their racing interests (in cars that have often eclipsed competitors technological capabilities for decades at a time) it is no surprise that race teams such as the Ferrari Formula One team are amongst the most recognised and envied in the world. With a portfolio encompassing everything from the classic F40, to the Enzo and recently released ‘La Ferrari’, Ferrari continually challenge the laws of physics producing unique and breathtaking machines. But it is the company’s historic values that set it apart in the modern age, where a classic Ferrari recently set a world record purchase fee ($27.5m) in 2013 for the ultra rare 1967′ Ferrari 275 GTB. Need we say more? Check out our range of Ferrari cars for sale below and buy your piece of the legacy today.