Fiat Race Cars for Sale

Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Ferrari, Dodge are all companies owned by Italian car manufacturer Fiat. And if owning over 10 well-known and highly successful car companies weren’t enough, Fiat themselves are quite the known associates in the history of car manufacturing. From the Fiat 500 to the Fiat Punto this century old car manufacturer has also brought airplanes, motorcycles, trains and even weapons into creation during their years.

With their Abarth subsidiary turning their road cars into race cars, Fiat don’t leave all the racing fun to their owned companies. Whilst not competing in any big championships at this current time, they did win WRC’s constructors championship in 1980 with the Fiat 131 Abarth; and to be fair, with a list of supercar manufacturers as long as your arm, why would you feel the need to compete yourself?