Kia Race Cars for Sale

South Korean car manufacturer Kia may not be a company that you would expect to see racing supercars around, but if you dig around long enough, you can find some of the coolest sports car made by a company that offers a 9 year warrant with its standard models. Having a strange variety of cars makes Kia very individual and gives it its charm.

Being the second largest automobile manufacturer in South Korea after Hyundai, it is also South Korea’s oldest car manufacturer. Founded in 1944, Kia (roughly translated as coming out of Asia) started out as a simple bicycle manufacturer and moved onto cars, trucks and even motorcycles. Kia is also the sole manufacturer for South Korea’s light military vehicle presence!

In 2003, Kia Motors America even obtained its first ever championship win against brands including Honda, Mini, Mazda and BMW and even managed a first ever Korean team to win in the Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix along the way.