Rally Cars for sale

We provide a huge inventory of rally cars for sale mainly from the United Kingdom & USA. Our rally car classifieds bring you the best selection of used rally cars available to buy online. We advertise rally cars for motorsport dealers who have built the cars with meticulous detail and private sellers looking to separate from their other love. The much favoured Group B rally cars our readily available in our classifieds and offer some of the worlds most powerful competition cars containing the finest motorsport technology.

Classic Rally Car Sales

Looking for a show stopping classic rally car? A historic rally legend? Or simply a rally car to give some TLC for classic car events? Our classic rally car classifieds may hold the car for sale you have been searching for. Classic rally cars offer passionate petrol heads huge amount excitement, buzz and dedication. They deliver as much thrilling racing action as any new rally car could, while offering timeless looks that you will be proud to show off to your motorsport club. Ford escorts have a wealth of experience in rallying with the Ford Escort MK2 being our most searched for classic rally car.

Road rally cars for sale

Road rally racing is a very popular form of motorsport which is competed regularly in the UK. This type of motorsport racing is considered a great entry level path for amateur racers to get involved in rallying. There are often cheap road rally cars available for entry into these competitions as intermediate drivers look to progress their skills in a more difficult class. The Welsh valleys are regularly used for road rallying as they offer a vast amount of turns, straights and elevated sections. Keep scrolling to view our road rally cars for sale.